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Design your own lifetime leather jacket with JN LLOVET! Incorporate your own style by choosing unique colour schemes, decorative stitching details and get creative on studs, badges, zippers and many more options.

Your imagination and creativity will lead our professional team to develop your desired piece step-by-step. Your dream jacket will be made to measure ensuring a perfect fit. Each piece is entirely hand made with great care, love and according to the highest standards. We certify exceptional craftsmanship in all its excellence and refinement, promising a quality that is second to none. Your every wish will be brought to reality in creating your very own JN LLOVET jacket.

Happy to walk the extra mile to satisfy your needs, we help you in creating THE leather jacket you always wanted. Your unique piece is the ultimate in exclusivity. Just set your creativity free.

You are only five steps away from falling in love with your personal JN LLOVET leather jacket:


Step 1: Get in touch with us

For an appointment or more information call us via phone: +49 40 533 01 988 or contact us via email – We speak English, German, Spanish and French.

You are welcome to visit us in our Hamburg showroom. Alternatively our designer will come to where you are – Europe-wide. Create your personal leather jacket in a personal environment and with all the time you need.

Step 2: Choose your favourite JN LLOVET style and size

Once an appointment is arranged, the actual customization process gets started. The designer and founder of JN LLOVET – Jacqueline Llovet Garcia – will help you to design your new favourite piece. First you get to choose a basic pattern from a variety of JN LLOVET jackets. Next we will find the right fit for you. Every jacket will be made to measure so that it will fit you perfectly.

Step 3: Choose your favourite leather, zipper, yarn colour and many more extras

Now it’s all about your creativity: You will have the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of leather colours and qualities, as well as zippers, yarns, lining colours, studs or badges. You can tell the designer step by step what design elements you prefer. How many pockets, quilting or buckles you wish. An individual typography on the back or your personal initials stitched into the collar, everything is possible. The designer will make sketches to help visualize your ideas.

Step 4: Spend 5 weeks anticipating your arrival of your new JN LLOVET jacket

It is our mission to accompany your journey towards your JN LLOVET all time favourite. We manufacture your one of a kind leather jacket in a dedicated small family run factory with a long background in leather goods. Each jacket will be made with careful craftsmanship, attention to detail and with love.

Once your jacket design is ready the hand scratched technical drawing will be handed over to our professional production team. The designer Jacqueline Llovet herself will go through every detail with the team, to ensure that all your wishes will be considered. Our cutter will refine your pattern according to your measurements, thus guaranteeing a perfect fit. All leather skins will be selected individually and every leather piece will be cut by hand. The chosen details and accessories such as quilting, pockets, studs or stitching will now be implemented one after the other.

To assure that every of your requested design elements will be met, only one qualified tailor will be responsible for your design. When the crafting process is over the tailor stitches the serial number of your jacket into its identification tag, along with your initials. After about a mere 5 weeks time you will receive your unique and self-designed JN LLOVET leather jacket that no one else has.

Step 5: Get your personal JN LLOVET Jacket and fall in love.

We´ll promise: Everyone will love it!

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