HOW IT WORKS – the journey to your unique piece

1 Get in touch with us

To book an appointment or for more information call us on: +49 40 533 01 988 or contact us via email – we can provide a translation service if required during your design appointment.

Our designer will come to you wherever you are in the world to create your own very special leather jacket in the comfort of your home with all the time you need. Alternatively you are welcome to visit us at our Hamburg showroom.

2 Choose your favourite JN LLOVET style and size

First you choose a basic pattern from a variety of JN LLOVET jackets. Next we will find the right fit for you. Every jacket will be made to measure to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

3 Choose your favourite leather, zipper, yarn colour and accessories

You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colours and top leather qualities; zippers, yarns, lining colours, studs or badges; as well as exclusive accessories like Swarovski® crystals or gold-plated buckles and snap-buttons. Step by step you decide what design elements you prefer. How many pockets, studs or buckles you wish; if you want an individual typography on the back or a personal design printed on the leather. Nothing is impossible. During the design process the designer will make sketches to help you visualise your ideas.

4 Anticipate the arrival of your signature JN LLOVET leather jacket

Your unique jacket will be manufactured in Germany. At JN LLOVET we are passionate about what we do. Every single item will be made with careful craftsmanship, highest attention to detail and with love.

When your jacket design is ready, the hand sketched technical drawing will be handed over to our tailor. The designer will go through every detail with the tailor, to ensure that all your wishes are clearly understood. Our cutter will refine your pattern according to your measurements, thus guaranteeing the perfect fit. All leather skins will be selected individually and every leather piece will be cut by hand. The chosen details and accessories will be put together one by one. At the end of this whole process your initials are stitched into the jacket along with the serial number. The serial number will be registered into our database.

5 Fall in love with your JN LLOVET leather jacket over and over again

We will send your JN LLOVET leather jacket to wherever you are. You will receive an inimitable piece of art that meets an uncompromising standard of quality.

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