Personalize your unique leather jacket online



Yes you can! At JN by JN LLOVET we offer all JN babes the possibility to realize their own custom biker jacket and create a unique leather jacket that no-one else has. With the help of an online configurator you can create your favourite it-piece. You have the possibility to add different leather applications onto your personal biker jacket. A personal typography or a leather image like palmtrees, flamingos, hearts, stars and many more. To give your customized leather jacket a bohemian touch you have the opportunity to add colourful embellished cuffs, handcrafted of beautiful and handselected fabrics and laces. Every piece is handmade with love and the highest quality standards in a dedicated small family run factory with a long backround in leather goods. All leather jackets are made of beautiful soft cow and lamb nappa leather. The concept of online customization is unique and is dedicated to every fashionista and leather jacket lover. With this statement leather jacket you can create your personal it-piece that only exists once. Fashion bloggers and models like Dulceida, Lovelypepa, Rocky Barnes, Michele Maturo and many more are already fan of the special pieces. Owning a JN by JN LLOVET leather jacket is like keeping a treasure. Every JN by JN girl is wild at heart, free in will and not afraid to make a statement. Besides the leather jackets it is now possible to personalize denim or army jackets as well. They are all vintage jackets hand selected from limited stock around the world.